Local Projects

The needs of rroma population in the 3-rd district of  Bucharest [2002]

Producing a report regarding sociological factors in evaluation of the rroma population’s housing needs in the 3-rd district of Bucharest. Subcontractor to Grupul Ecologic de Colaborare Bucharest.

Consulting on European requirements regarding the impact of local programmes for environment and community development [2002]

Beneficiary: INCD-Urban Proiect Bucuresti.

The economic-social and urbanistic development of the 3-rd district in Bucharest [2002]

Producing a report regarding the communication strategy in the field of ecologic education. Subcontractor to Universitatea Bucuresti. Final beneficiary: Bucharest 3-rd District.

TRESMAN (Integrated management of the resources in the local transport) [2006-2008]

Producing a report regarding policies, strategies and efficient measures in the field of urban mobility. Subcontractor to ITS Romania. Final beneficiary: CEEX.

Wind energy production in Pecineaga [2008-2009]

Producing the Cost-Benefit Anaysis of the project. Beneficiary: ATRA ECO SRL.

Pre-feasibility and feasibility study for building a wind farm electric power located in Buzau County, Romania [2009]

Producing the Cost-Benefit Analysis. Subcontractor to I.C.P.E. SA Bucharest.

TRAFFICGUIDE (Real time information system regarding traffic conditions) [2009]

Producing the proposal’s financing package including the business plan. Beneficiary: Electronic Solutions SRL.

RORIS II (Management system for Danube vessel monitoring) [2009]

Producing the Cost-Benefit Analysis of the project. Subcontractor to ITS Romania. Final Beneficiary: Romanian Naval Authority.

Feasibility study for Tetra system for communication and localisation of resources (vehicles and staff) [2010]

Beneficiary: Bucharest Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport.

IT&C consulting services and expertise for the realisation of the informatics system and hardware infrastructure for the management of the information referring to the beneficiaries of subsidies for public intercity transport [2011]

Beneficiary: Romanian Road Transport Authority – ARR.

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