Innovation & Competitiveness

Innovation Technology is considered as lever for increasing competitiveness, value chain and sustainable development.

IMPACT CONSULTING throughout dissemination and implementation of EU policies, on the basis of its track record in terms of participation at several research and development projects, is able to support both private and public sector in terms of process and product innovation.

By know-how transfer, IMPACT CONSULTING is able to orient both public and private sectors to technology and integrated and customized economic services walking along its customers in planning, implementing and monitoring related development and investment plans.

IMPACT Consulting provides the following services:

  • Project management (project development, assessment, contracting, monitoring and implementation, reporting)
  • Technical assistance in drafting the application forms (European Union’s Framework Programs for Research and Development, Structural Funds)
  • Drafting of the studies needed for the requests of financing (diagnostic analyses, business plans, market studies, economic analyses, impact studies, feasibility studies for investments projects with refundable and non-refundable funds)
  • Technical assistance for institutional capacity development
  • Technical assistance for dissemination, awareness and promotion activities
  • Organization of specific events (seminars, training sessions, workshops, conferences, thematic meetings)
  • onsulting services in public procurements field

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Nov 2011