Urban & Regional Development

Image by Dr. Oreste Ruggierro

We work on the development of new projects and the preparation of all relevant application documents referring to territorial cooperation, socio-economic cohesion, polycentric and compact settlement structures. Our team is fully aware of funding opportunities related to the local Structural Funds and EU budget (Framework programme, European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEE-F), INTERREG, Intelligent Energy Europe).

Approaching themes of The Urban Future (The City as social space, Accessibilities and spatial interaction, Metropolitan locations in the space of flows), IMPACT CONSULTING  is committed to analyse  the causes and consequences of new urbanisation processes and concepts for sustainable development, adopting an interdisciplinary and internationally comparative perspective, seeking:

  • to investigate the diverse causes of the both structurally and qualitatively new processes of urbanisation which can currently be observed,
  • to analyse the social and spatial results and effects of these processes in changing urban configurations,
  • to explore the discursive, behavioural and institutional changes accompanying  these new forms of urban development and  urban structure

Please click here for further details on our projects regarding urban and regional development.

Nov 2011