Emission Reduction Experience

European Projects

TOSCA (Technological and Operational Support for Car sharing) [2001]

Producing a market research and a feasibility study for Car sharing system in Bucharest. Co-financed by European Commission. Subcontractor to R.A.T.B.

TELLUS (Transport and Environment Alliance for Urban Sustainability) [2002]

Producing the ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of the Bucharest measures.Co-financed by European Commission (Civitas I Initiative). Subcontractor to R.A.T.B.

RAISE (Raising Citizens and Stakeholders Awareness, Acceptance and Use of New Regional and Urban Sustainability Approaches in Europe) [2004-2005]

Producing a review of 104 projects within EESD, City of Tomorrow key-action umbrella. Co-financed by European Commission.

ASTUTE (Advancing Sustainable Transport in Urban areas To promote Energy efficiency) [2008-2009]

Local agent for Bucharest dissemination workshop on cycling, walking and mobility plans. Co-financed by European Commission. Subcontractor to London European Partnership for Transport.

YOUTH (Youngster Overhauls today’s Urban Transport Habits) [2009]

Producing a report on long and short term trends on energy efficiency in European urban transport. Co-financed by European Commission. Subcontractor to Academy of Economics Studies Bucharest.

C-LIEGE (Clean Last mile transport and logistics management for smart and Efficient local Governments in Europe) [2011-2013]

Co-producing the deliverable “Guideline for the development of urban freight mobility plan”. Co-financed by European Commission.

Local Projects

TRESMAN (Integrated management of the resources in the local transport) [2006-2008]

Producing a report regarding policies, strategies and efficient measures in the field of urban mobility. Subcontractor to ITS Romania. Final beneficiary: CEEX.

Wind energy production in Pecineaga [2008-2009]

Producing the Cost-Benefit Anaysis of the project. Beneficiary: ATRA ECO SRL.

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